HEAD Graphene 360 Extreme Lite - Yellow/Navy

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The lightest racket in the EXTREME range is something of a marvel. Weighing in at just 265 grams, the EXTREME LITE offers all the power and spin potential of the EXTREME’s new design, but in a much lighter, easier to handle frame, perfect for less experienced or casual players. Featuring a new application of graphene technology – Graphene 360 – the racket optimises the transfer of energy onto the ball, maximising the power of your shots. How? By positioning graphene in the shaft of the racket and extending it all the way up to the head, which not only gives greater power, but also improved stability and feel. The EXTREME also features unique, funnel-like Spin Grommets, which allow greater main string movement in all directions, emphasising the action you put on the ball for increased RPM. Combined with an open 16/19 string pattern, they add a new dimension to the EXTREME, and make a huge difference to topspin forehands and backhand slices. Features Include: Weight (Unstrung): 265g / 9.3oz String pattern: 16/19 Head size: 645cm2 / 100in2 Balance: 345mm / Even Length: 685mm / 27in Beam: 23/26/21mm

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